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DTLA Closures

Sad to report the Mikkeller DTLA and Gulp DTLA have closed for good.

Many other places are "Temporarily Closed" and they will be flagged as such.

Simmzy's Closes Venice and Burbank locations

The beers that were brewed at Burbank will be brewed at Smog City.

New Guide Entry: Washington Ale House

The former Sports Harbor at Lincoln and Washington has reopened as the Washingiton Ale House. Sporting 40 taps -- almost all decent craft beers -- it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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Beer Belly Koreatown is closing

Very sad news. From their email...

Beer Belly Koreatown will close on July 28, 2019 (the Long Beach location will stay open). 

After 8 years of so many blessings, we feel like we accomplished what we set out to do. None of this could have been possible without the help of all our wonderful staff past and present, Chef Wes Lieberher, Paul Choi, L.A.’s amazing food community, the local and engaging beer community, and the ever-energetic Koreatown community. 

We don’t know what’s next. We don’t know if it will be us or someone else. But we’re excited for the next story to be told. 


Iron Triangle Brewery has closed.

The Arts District/Little Tokyo brewery has closed their doors. Always sad when a brewery stops brewing.

Golden Road Tap Room Opens in LAX Terminal 6

A Golden Road restaurant and tap room just opened in LAX Terminal 6. It looks like they will have ten taps of Golden Road beers (1 Nitro) and two from their corporate parents (AB ImBev)

New Guide Entry: Firestone Walker Venice

Though as a Marina del Rey resident I must point out their mailing address is Marina del Rey...

It has been a long three plus year wait, but Firestone Walker Venice finally opened last week.

I visited a few days after their opening. There were some service issues that I am sure will get worked out as things settle in. The beer was great and the food good. They have bike racks and there is a bike lane on Washington Blvd so it's easy to stop by if riding along the beach bike path. Highly recommend.


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New Guide Entry: Flights Beer Bar

Almost literally in the shadow of the 405 freeway in a strip mall on El Segundo Blvd, it is easy to miss Flights if you are not looking for it. From the outside it is just another nondescript concrete block building. Inside, it is a single large, high ceilinged room with flat screen TV's and aviation/aerospace photographs covering the walls. Nearby SpaceX even has it's own section.

The forty taps offer a good selection of local and regional craft beers, with the odd quality import from Belgium or Germany (King Harbor was well represented, as was The Bruery). Food is typical pub food, lots of sandwiches, wings, salads, wraps and such. Tuesday nights is comedy night, starting at 9pm-ish.

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New Guide Entry: Gulp Playa Vista

The Picnic restaurant in Playa Vista as just reopened as Gulp Playa Vista.

While the physical layout is different than Gulp West LA (Playa Vista is larger) the feel is much the same -- some high tables, some low tables and a bar all with darkish wood paneling. Also a couple of nice outdoor seating areas.

The new Gulp sports 37 taps -- I almost missed the last one -- there is a Budweiser tap off to one side by itself. The rest are a decent selection, a fair number of local and SoCal beers with the odd German and Belgian.

Food is of the burger and sandwich variety plus some interesting appetizers. 

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New Guide Entry: Z Pizza Taproom

Z Pizza is a chain of pizzarias and they are rolling out a new concept: The Z Pizza Taproom. One the first is on Century Blvd near LAX.

It looks like a zillion other pizza joints around the word, except along one side is a wall with 12 beer taps with small video screens. These are self serve taps. When you order, they take (or scan) your ID and give you a wrist band with a fob on it. You hold the fob to the tap, it lights up and you can pour your beer. You can pour as much or as little as you wish -- you are charged by the ounce (to the nearest tenth). The fob is good for 32 ounces. I assume after that you either pay (or they cut you off if you've had too much). Makes sense when there is not a bartender.

The beers ranged from 55 cents per ounce up to 65 cents per ounce -- which is a tad expensive, nearly $8 for a typical 14 oz "pint." But the ability to adjust your sample size makes it worthwhile, at least to me.

The beer list was solid, but not exceptional. Fittingly, there were three beers from El Segundo Brewing (which is under three miles away, as the crow flies) amother three from King Harbor Brewing (Redondo Beach, 6 miles away) and one from Three Weavers (Inglewood, 2 miles). The remaining were a couple from 21st Ammendment (San Francisco) and one each from Mother Earth (San Diego), North Coast (Ft Bragg, Scrimshaw Pilsner) and a cider from Julian.

I am no pizza expert, but what I had was tasty. They sell whole pies and slices as well as salads and hot and cold sandwiches.

Not really a beer destination but well worth a stop if you are in the area. It is in the same building as the Marriot Residence Inn (though not connected with the hotel) and they validate parking in the ramp behind them. Good connections on the Santa Monica, Culver City and Metro bus lines.

There are a lot of airport hotels in area, I have feeling that is their market.

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New Guide Entry: Whole Foods Market Playa Vista

Good beer at a grocery store is a concept I am just getting used to. This Whole Foods has been open about six months and I recentely made my first visit.

There are 24 beers on tap, with the bulk of them from Southern California and five of them brewed less than 10 miles ore so from the market. That counts as local beers smiley

Prices are very reasonable and with the $2 off during Happy Hour it's possible to get a good glass of beer for $4. "What the country needs, a good $4 IPA" would make a nice campaign slogan for somebody running for office.

They also have daily weekday specials that often include a beer.

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