Overview of Santa Monica Bus

Their home page is hereand a journey planner is here.


The Santa Monica Bus System (known locally as the "Big Blue Bus" or BBB) has a standard fare of $1. You pay this each time you board a bus -- that is, there are no transfers between BBB bus lines. Reduced fares of 50 cents are available for disabled and passengers 62 or older.

If you take the Rapid 10 Express (which goes between Downtown Santa Monica and Downtown LA) fares are $2 for regular riders and $1 for senior/disabled.

Day Pass

You can purchase a day pass for $4 ($1.50 for senior/disabled). This is also valid on the Rapid 10 Express. It is valid until midnight on the day you purchase it. It is a very good deal for pub crawls.

Other Options

You can also purchase a 13 ride pass for $12 (one ride free) or $6 for senior/disabled. However, unlike the day passes you cannot buy it when boarding the bus, you have to purchase it at the Transit store at 223 Broadway in Downtown Santa Monica. It is also available at most Santa Monica Library locations.


While you cannot purchase a transfer to another BBB line, you can purchase a transfer to another Transit Agency. These are 50 cents (25 cents for senior/disabled) and are good on Metro, Culver City, Beach City Transit and Torrance Transit (among others).

Lines with Good Beer Pubs